Speaker Programme for 2019-2020

Regular meetings are held in Kington Langley Village Hall, starting at 2:15pm




6 November 2019

Paul Booy

The Cambridge Traitors

20 November


Luncheon at The Bell Yatton Keynell

4 December

Heather Wannell

The Lighter Side of the Law

18 December

Christmas Lunch


15 January 2020

David Head

Iceland, Land of Ice and Fire

22 January


Fish & Chip supper at The Bell Yatton Keynell

5 February

Martin Collinson

The Wool Trade

19 February

Annual General Meeting and Quiz

12:58 25/10/2019 

4 March

Lewis Lawton

A History of the Radio

18 March


Cinema Afternoon

1 April

Bill King

The Magic and Mystery of Glen Miller

15 April

Annual Dinner


22 April


Get to Know Bowls at Chippenham Bowls Club £2pp (including refreshments)

6 May

Roger Stroud

Tour de France

20 May


Visit to Avebury

3 June

John Clark

The Aqueducts Of The Roman Empire

17 June


Golf – Pitch & Putt in Monkton Park

1 July

John Johnston

Action for Children

15 July

Garden Party


Break for the summer



There are no club meetings held in the month of August